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Certification Process

Y1CQ is a versatile ISO Certification Body

with various industrial expertise and strong exposure in the field of Quality Health, Safety, Environment and Food Safety and HACCP

Certification Process

1. Application
2. Contract Review
3. Initial Certification (Stage 1 & 2 Audit)
4. Surveillance Audit
5. Recertification

1. Application
Enquiries may be received in several forms, by telephone, letter, e-mail or online to available in the website.

2. Application / Contract Review:


Typically consists of the receipt of an appropriately filled application from the client organization. The application is then reviewed for accuracy & adequacy of the information.


Submission of the fee offer & its acceptance by the client organization. Then the signing of the contractual agreement with the client organization is completed & and discussions pertaining to requirements, planning & scheduling of stage 1 audit are carried out.

3. Initial Certification Audit (Stage 1 Audit):


An audit of the management system documentation to ensure that all the applicable requirements of the standard(s) have been addressed.


Confirmation that all legal/technical requirements are identified and documented.


An evaluation of client’s location, processes and site conditions & to check the readiness for stage–02 audit.

The stage–01 audit is partly offsite & partly onsite.

4. Initial Certification Audit (Stage 2 Audit):
At stage–02, the client organization is audited according to the implemented management system/s by gathering objective evidence & interactions/interviews with the personnel of the client organization.

Stage 2 audit is a purely onsite audit and its activities will consist of:
I. An opening meeting
II. Interviews with managers and staff
III. Evaluation of internal audits, management review and objectives.
IV. Examination of records, documents, policies & objectives.
V. Audits of all relevant processes such as production, purchasing, complaints, roles & responsibilities, management leadership, risks & opportunities management, needs & expectations of the interested parties etc.
VI. Visits of temporary sites (if applicable)
VII. Discussions regarding any findings
VIII. A closing meeting

Certification Decision & Grant:

I. Review of audit reports.
II. Effective closure of non-conformity, if any.
III. Review of certification fee status.
IV. Issuance of the certificate.

All issued certificates can be verified at Y1CQ website –

5. Surveillance Audit
Surveillance audits shall be conducted at periodic intervals which is at least once a year from the date of issuance/grant of the certificate and typically consists of the following –

I. Internal audits and management review;
II. A review of actions taken on nonconformities identified during the previous audit;
III. Complaints handling;
IV. Effectiveness of the management system with regard to achieving the certified client’s objectives and the intended results of the respective management system (s);
V. Progress of planned activities aimed at continual improvement;
VI. Continuing operational control;
VII. Review of any changes;
VIII. Use of marks and/or any other reference to certification.

6. Recertification Audit

The purpose of the recertification audit is to confirm the continued conformity and effectiveness of the management system as a whole, and its continued relevance and applicability for the scope of certification.

The recertification audit shall have to be completed before the expiration of the existing certificate allowing Y1CQ sufficient time to review the audit report/s as well as ensuring sufficient time for the client organization to close the non-conformities identified during the audit.